Infrared sensor modification

175,00399,00 Incl VAT

Let us modify your camera.


Product Description

pls note:
If you want to modify a proffesional series camera (ie Canon 5ds, 5Dsr Nikon D850, D860 etc) different prices may be qouted. drop us a email for further information and quotes.
Shipping instructions:
When you choose this option ship your camera in a suitable container to following adres:
Dutch Digital Works
Att D van den Herik
Parkstraat 13
4011JR, Zoelen
Remember to:
1) use a good container, same will be used to send it back!
2) Insure your camera for the money it is worth.
3) Inlcude only the battery (fully charged)
4) Remove memory card (SD card).

Options are:

  • Full spectrum (all filters removed)
  • Two Spectrum (daytime use also).
  • Clear glass.
  • DAW
  • Astrodon
  • Baader

Sensor sizes (everything smaller than full frame is crop in the selection menu):



  • Modifcation only – you will recieve warranty only on the sensor modifications (camera parts are excluded)
  • Full warranty – warranty on the whole camera

Additional information

Type of Sensor

Full frame, Crop (APS)

Type of filter

IR590, IR665, IR720, IR850, 2 spectrum kolari, Clear glass, DAW, Astrodon, Baader, Full spectrum (no filter)

Warranty type

Modification only, Full warranty 1jr


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