DDW 6D Mark 2

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Filters you can select from:

  • IR – Infrared – Camera is modified for the spectrum of choice ( > 400nm)
  • DFS – Full spectrum  – sensor is modified for the maximum sensitivity in complete (canon ) spectrum – use for reflectors or refractors with UV block filter.
  • DAW – UV (<400nm) blocking – sensor is modified for transmission above 400nm – use for refractors and reflectors.
  • DAS – Astrodon – Camera is modified with the astrodon filter.- use for refractors and reflectors.
  • DBA – Baader  – Camera is modified with the Baader filter.- use for refractors and reflectors.
  • DDW-ASTRO – The best filter yet available, better than Astrodon, astronomik or Baader. very good performance with reflectors and refractors.

Warranty you can select:
Canon warranty restore (1 year warranty)
Modification only

What included?

  • Body
  • Manual
  • Software
  • Shoulder strap
  • Battery
  • Charger
  • Cables

All in original canon box.

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Product Description

The DDW 6D mark 2 is based on the canon 6D Mark 2 with modified spectrum.

Additional information


DAW, Astrodon, Baader, Clear glass, Full Spectrum, IR590, IR665, IR720, IR850, 2 spectrum


Full waranty, Limited warranty


Restore autofocus, Sensor max forward, Do nothing


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