Years of experience

Started in the early days of the single lens reflex systems (SLR) Dutch Digital Works has managed to keep up in the ever changing world of today’s Digital Single lens reflex systems. The company started up in repairing camera’s and lenses and today highly specialized in modifying digital camera’s.


Dutch Digital Works has grown to a respected compagny. We don’t just sell camera’s. Together with the customer we look for the best solution that fit their needs.

And it ends not just there! even after the delivery of our poducts we continue to support you in any way we can. including offering you the original OEM warranty conditions.

Global delivery

The products of Dutch Digital Works find their way around the world fro mthe far east to the far west.

 Our unique selling points

Dutch Digital Works can modify your camera so it still can be used as normal camera with restored white balans and normal working autofocus on all your lenses. visit our shop or fill in the contact form for the possibilties all with full or limited waranty (your choice!).

We can also deliver CCD camera’s from any brand cooled or not cooled

Infrared and Astronomy

Over the years Dutch Digital Works became the leading company in Europe for enhanced imaging with consumer and semi pro grade camera’s.

In both amateur and proffesional industry the need arrose for spectrum enhanced camera’s for example in the infrared and amateur astronomy community. Dutch Digital works was able, based on their experience, to support those communties with offering modification against affordable prices and good warranty conditions.

The camera’s from Dutch Digital Works find their way now to not only the infrared or astronomy community but also in the agricultural, forensic and oceanographic industry.

All this experience also helped us to develop repair capabilities of camera’s and accessories of any kind of photographic tool (lenses, flashes etc). Our investigation costs are considered the lowest available without any obligation.

So in short: we can do it!


Forensic work

Amongst our customers we have specialized institutes for forensic work. They perform research in different wavelengths varying from 580nm to deep 950nm.

Dutch Digital Works also delivers monochroom camera’s for enhanced sensitivity in the Infrared spectrum.

Oceanic research

Our camera’s assists in deep ocean research. The complex world of algea and microbic life is investigated with modified camera’s and special filters.


These filters make it possible to analyze your crop with 1 in stead off two filters (NDVI filter).

UV or Ultraviolet modification of camera.

We can perform UV (Ultraviolet) modification of your camera. all brands and types supported

We can perform any modification

Dutch Digital Works camera conversion can perform any modification you like, sensor based filters, astronomy filters, infrared, Ultraviolet or full spectrum .

But we are unique with our modification in the way that you can still use your camera for normal daytime photography and ability to keep using your autofocus lenses.

Popular use

Today our camera’s are also used to analyze crops with help of drones.

NDVI stands for Normalized Difference Vegetation Index which is an important parameter indicating the healthiness of vegetation. By using near-infrared imagery technology, a NDVI map can be drawn to reflect plant vigour in one area. A planter can then decide which actions to take in response to the NDVI result.

Traditional sources of NDVI map include images from satellites and manned planes which may take time to gather the result, and more budget may be required.Drone Dynamics provides drones with agricultural camera. By combining multi-spectral imaging systems with UAV technology,  inexpensive NDVI maps can be retrieved easily at a daily basis and the planter can be more responsive to their plants!

Dutch Digital Works delivers camera modifications or camera’s allready modified.

Valued customers of Dutch Digital Works

Below an selection of our valued customers which, amongst thousands of private users, are very satisfied with products and services of DDW.

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